What are the different types of fur coats?

There are several different types of fur that are used in fur coats. The most popular type of fur is mink because it has great historic popularity, silky dense fur, and a very luxurious feel. Most minks that are used in the fur industry come from mink farms, and hardly any coats are made from wild mink anymore. The farms can raise the highest quality furs with consistent characteristics.

Other popular furs that are used for coats include beaver, coyote, muskrat, sheep, bear, wolf, raccoon, fox, lynx, and rabbit. These furs are used as the primary materials for the coats, and they are sometimes used simply as an accessory or as trim for coats. For instance, you may find leather coats or silk coats with rabbit fur or mink fur collars and sleeves.

Sometimes versatile furs such as rabbit are dyed in special ways so that the print will look like different animals such as leopard.

The style of coats may differ as well. Some people like full length coats for winter and some prefer just to wear fur vests in the warmer months. A person also should consider where the fur coats are made. With a strong move to made in China products in the fur industry, is recommended that a person should visit a place that sells furs rather than just buying online without inspecting the quality.

There are also faux furs, which are not genuine fur coats. In the past, these fake furs were looked down upon because of the poor quality, but with today's technology, there are many high quality coats made from materials like acrylic fiber that look and feel like real fur without the cost or animal rights concerns.

Selecting the right fur coat is purely a matter of taste and fashion choice. The best thing to do is to visit a furrier and ask about differences in quality, then find out where they sell their highest quality fur coats. There is maintenance involved in owning a fur coat, so it is recommended that the owner consider this before making a purchase.

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