What is liver pain?

The human liver is a vital organ, which is involved in functions such as detoxification, red blood cell decomposition, biochemical production for digestion purposes, hormone production, glycogen storage, and plasma protein synthesis. The liver is a major contributor in digestion. It is also the largest gland to be found in the human body.

You may feel pain the the vicinity of the stomach sometime and wonder, is it liver pain? While it's possible that there could be a liver condition even if the pain isn't in the area of the liver, it can first be determined whether or not the pain is in the location that liver pain would be. Liver pain is located in the upper-right quadrant of the abdomen, which is where the liver is situated.

You may also wonder, what does liver pain feel like? Generally, the feeling comes as a dull ache, rather than a sharp pain. Other symptoms may be present when there is liver pain, such as:

Breathing difficulties
Eating disorders
General fatigue
Pruritis (itching)
Pain - in the back or right shoulder
Pain - while coughing or breathing
Swollen testes

These symptoms can also be present in other conditions, so having them doesn't mean that the pain being felt must be from the liver, or that there is necessarily a liver problem, either. Additionally, the lack of extra symptoms such as these does not necessarily mean that there won't be pain in the liver or a medical condition related to the organ.

Many unique diseases and conditions can be behind liver pain. The following are some of the possibilities:

Excessive alcohol intake
Fatty liver disease (FLD)
Hepatitis (chronic)
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Liver cancer
Toxic overload

Having liver pain doesn't mean that it must be due to one of the above conditions, however, as there are numerous other potential underlying causes. Different tests may be given in order to attempt to diagnose an underlying medical condition. Liver pain treatment may also vary, as some treatments are given to relieve the pain and other symptoms, while different ones are used to attempt to treat the disease behind the pain.

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