What is significant about the November calendar month?

The month of November occurs between the months of October and December. It is the ninth month in the old Roman Calendar, and unlike some of the other month names that bear the name of a Roman god, the month of November comes from the Latin word novem which means "nine." The old Roman calendar had only 10 months, March through December. In this situation, November is the ninth month. There was a 61 day period between December and March that fell outside the old Roman calendar. It is assumed that this was an unimportant time for their farming culture, so tracking the days was not as significant.

The November calendar starts on the same day of the week as March every year. On non-leap years, it starts on the same day as February as well. There are 30 days in November. There are a number of significant dates in November:

  • November first is celebrated by the Western Roman Catholic Church as “All Saints Day,” which commemorates those who have attained the beatific vision in heaven.
  • The Tuesday after the first Monday in November is Election Day in the United States.
  • November 11th is celebrated as Veterans Day in the USA, and as Remembrance Day in Canada
  • The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving in the USA
  • November 30th is Saint Andrew’s day in Canada

The birth stone for people born in November is Yellow Topaz. The birth flower for people born in November is chrysanthemum. Here are some notable people with November birthdays:

  • Presidents James K. Polk, and Warren G. Harding were born on the 2nd.
  • Composer John Philp Sousa was born on the 6th
  • Reformer Martin Luther was born on the 10th
  • General George Patton was born on the 11th
  • Author Robert Louis Stevenson was born on the 13th
  • President James Garfield was born on the 19th
  • Philosopher Voltaire was born on the 21st
  • President Franklin Pierce was born on the 23rd
  • Composer Scott Joplin was born on the 24th
  • Author Louisa May Alcott was born on the 29th
  • Prime Minister Winston Churchill was born on the 30th
  • Author Mark Twain was born on the 30th

In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving marks the first day of the Christmas shopping season, and is called Black Friday because on this date, businesses (tongue in cheek) move from being in the red to being in the black financially due to the huge amount of shopping. It is the busiest shopping day of the year.

A calendar for the month of November for every year is available at NovemberCalendar.net.

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