Where can I visit on the Washington Coast?

The state of Washington is arguably the most scenic and diverse state in the lower 48 states. It has a rain forest, a desert, mountains, plains, and borders the Pacific Ocean. It is a very popular tourist destination, and the people are unique. It has both large cities and vast expanses of uninhabited areas. So with so much beauty, where does a person visit?

The Washington Coast is one of the main tourist areas. Many people assume that Seattle is on the coast since it is right on the water, but it is located on the Puget Sound, a large bay that goes inside the state. Seattle is actually over 100 miles (driving distance) from the Washington Coast. There are no large cities on the Washington coast. The area is very spread out and dotted with small towns, each with its own appeal.

The actual coastline of the State of Washington is about 150 miles long. The southernmost boundary is the Columbia River and the northernmost boundary is the small Indian Reservation of Neah Bay. There are two islands off the coast. Tatoosh Island is the northwestern most point of the state, and Destruction Island is about one third of the way down the coast. Both have lighthouse stations.

The coast itself can be divided into four main areas. From the Columbia River to the Willapa Bay is the area called Long Beach. The beaches are flat and bordered by small sand dunes. Since the beaches are so flat, lots of things wash up on to the ocean. Beachcombing is very popular for tourists and locals alike. The three main towns are Ocean Park, Long Beach and Ilwaco.

From the Willapa Bay to Grays Harbor is the area referred to as Twin Harbors, or the South Beach. The main towns in this area are Westport, Grayland, and Tokeland. Westport is very well known for its world class fishing. At one time there were as many as 270 charter fishing boats and hundreds of commercial fishing boats in Westport. The beaches are similar to Long Beach.

From Grays Harbor north about 20 miles to Point Grenville is the area called the North Beach. This area is split by the Copalis river which runs through the beach and out to the ocean. It has the popular tourist town of Ocean Shores, which is the most popular Washington Coast destination. The area is very spread out with no central town to visit. People mainly go to the area for the beaches and recreation opportunities.

The Peninsula is quite remote. The Quinault Indian Reservation takes up a large portion of the coast in this area. It is extremely scenic and very much enjoyed by people who really want to get away from the crowds. The main towns in this area are Neah Bay, LaPush, and Kalaloch.

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